Cyber Security Keynote Speaker

Understanding cyber security and communications is vital in today’s society. At IPR Consulting, LLC, I serve as a cyber security speaker and C4I keynote speaker for organizations throughout the country. With my cyber training, experience, and expertise, my knowledge will help you improve your organization’s ability to avoid or mitigate cyber threats and build strong, resilient networks. Put my experience to work for you today.

Speaking to Your Organization

I am proud to serve as a cyber security keynote speaker for conferences throughout the country and overseas. I can tailor my address based on your needs. My candid advice and comments are valuable for audiences who seek to understand the importance of communication and security methods in large or small enterprises, on the battlefield, and other mobile operations. Turn to me today for the following:

  • Cyber security
  • Tactical communications
  • Satellite communication
  • Enterprise network solutions
  • C41 Systems

Cyber Security Speaking

Put my experience to work for you when you allow me to speak at your cyber security conference. At IPR Consulting, LLC, I am available to conduct keynote speeches within the cyber security industry. I have successfully provided cyber security solutions for networks that are heavily targeted, both large and small. My experience is available for your organization.

Tactical Communications

With 30 years of experience from jumping the Command Net radio through providing the enterprise that supports data and ISR on and off the battlefield, I have a great deal of expertise in all environments: urban, mountains, jungles, and plenty of desert time. I can help an audience improve how they operate in their environments.

Satellite Communication

Design, implement, or operate a satellite communication system that meets your needs when you work with me at IPR Consulting, LLC. My expertise in satellite communications spans small backpack solutions through large fixed dishes and the networks and operations to support and defend both military and civilian solutions. I can help audiences understand the latest improvements and key concepts to apply to their environments.

Enterprise Network Solutions

I have operated and defended the backbone of the Department of Defense Networks, as well as all networks supporting Special Operations Forces from the tactical to the garrison. I’ve built networks from scratch, consolidated over 64 separate networks into one, built data centers, and much more. As a speaker and a provider of enterprise network solutions, I have a plethora of lessons learned and valuable insight for your organization.

C41 Systems

With over 30 years of leading communications at all levels, there isn’t a C4I system that I cannot provide key insight. As a speaker, I can pass on many great lessons and concepts to your team to help them be successful.

Contact me to request keynote services from a cyber security expert for your organization. I offer options or clients located nationwide and overseas.