At IPR Consulting, LLC, I am proud to serve the needs of those seeking C4I consultants. With over 30 years of experience, I can serve as an outstanding resource for anyone needing to develop programs and systems to plan, operate, maintain, defend, or sell all types of C4I solutions. My extensive background in military and civilian communications allows me to offer options for the following:

  • Cyber security solutions
  • Tactical communications systems
  • Satellite pperations
  • Enterprise network solutions
  • C4I Systems

Cyber Security Solutions

Your organization will receive the benefits of my extensive experience when you work with me as your cyber security consultant. Having been responsible for both operating and defending critical networks, I understand the sweet spot between the operators and the defenders to provide strong, resilient networks. I have successfully defended heavily target networks, both large and small. My understanding of how to integrate cyber threat intelligence has greatly strengthened these networks by helping to get ahead of the threat. I offer cyber security consulting services for organizations around the country. Utilize my support and expertise to improve your cyber posture today.

Tactical Communication Systems

For over thirty years, I have planned, implemented, and maintained tactical communications at all levels to include mobile, airborne, shipborne, and Special Operations. I have operated in all types of environments including urban, jungle, mountains, and deserts. I can be of invaluable assistance to your organization by providing the solutions you need for your mission.

Satellite Operations

Turn to someone you can trust to form or improve your satellite communications solutions. My experience in commercial and military SATCOM includes forming solutions from a strategic, operational, and tactical level. I am familiar with terminals of all sizes where I was responsible for teleports and hub solutions. I have implemented, defended, and operated the satellite operations centers that support the Department of Defense and Special Operation satellite communications globally in critical no-fail missions. I am proud to serve as a resource for anyone needing to develop programs to plan, implement, operate, defend, or sell satellite communications systems.

Enterprise Network Solutions

From tactical enterprises supporting airborne, seaborne, mobile, and discounted operations by running the largest DoD enterprises, I have obtained vast experience. I have operated and defended the backbone of the Department of Defense Information Network to include its gateways to the internet. I have done the same for all Special Operations globally in critical no-fail/non-interruption missions. I have consolidated over 64 separate networks into one, both on the classified and unclassified side, thus creating far greater efficiency, and most importantly, effectiveness. I’ve implemented and operated data centers of all sizes. Let me help you to plan, implement, improve, operate, and defend your enterprise today.

C4I Systems

Over thirty years, I have developed vast experience with C4I solutions of all types. My ability to help your organization find, implement, and sustain a solution can be instrumental to your mission success.

Contact me to discuss your consulting needs. My services are available nationwide and overseas.