Three Reasons to Hire a Cyber Security Consultant

blade server in datacenterAs the skills and audacity of cyber criminals increase, so do the threats that they pose to business owners. While massive breaches at big corporations such as Target may lead the headlines, hackers are certainly not only interested in large corporations. That being said, all business owners should take cyber security seriously. However, not all organizations can afford their own in-house security teams. If you’re not entirely confident in your systems’ defenses against cyber threats, it’s probably time to consider hiring a cyber security consultant. Here are some of the top reasons to have one of these professionals working for you.

Prevent Possible Attacks
The right cyber security consultant will work to prevent possible attacks on your company’s website, software programs, and IT infrastructure. If an issue does occur, a security consultant can likely mitigate before it increases in severity.

Save Money
According to a report from Kaspersky Lab, the average cost of a data breach for small and medium-sized businesses in 2017 was $117,000. While you may not have the means to hire an employee to oversee your company’s cyber defense around-the-clock, a cyber security consultant can still help to keep your company’s information secure and avoid costly data breaches.

Enhance Your Staff
A cyber security expert will help to educate your current employees and broaden their horizons when working with IT security. Once the consultant has completed the job, your workforce will benefit by continuing to implement his/her efforts with the new security practices that were established.